Our Staff

Amelita Antonio

Mydor's provides trained, competent and caring staff that respects the personal dignity of each resident. Each of our staff members is trained with First Aid care. Our attentive and compassionate staff is also trained to care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and memory impairments. Our administrators receive ongoing education, seminars, and refresher courses so they understand the complex and changing needs of our residents and can apply the latest care approaches and techniques. Persons with Alzheimer's disease have unique needs that are best met in a supportive and secure setting and by a staff who understands and is educated about the disease.


Mydor's is often recommended by the following organizations: Amelita Antonio

  • Marian Medical Discharge Planners
  • Local Residential Care Facilities
  • Physicians and Nurses that deal with Geriatrics
  • Residents' Families and Friends
  • Senior Living Consultants Placement Agency
  • The Home Connection Placement Agency
  • Hospice