Mydor's has a mixture of private and semi-private rooms. All rooms are located on ground story buildings and are handicap accessible. Mydor's has been approved to house both ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents.




Our facilities are situated in the heart of the moderately tempered and beautiful Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County. Its prime location is ideal for the elderly since the facilities are inconspicuously located in quiet residential neighborhoods and are within a mile distance from Marian Medical Hospital and local doctor's offices. Just 15 min. away from the ocean, residents are occasionally treated with a trip to the beach for fresh air as an outing.

Monthly Rates

Mydor's is very cost-effective. On average, the cost of residential care is half the cost of nursing home care. Mydor's provides a basic rate for each private/semi-private room. Added costs are determined by the additional attention, care, and accommodations a resident may need and/or prefer. After an administrator has performed an assessment, a quote can be given. You may contact Amelita Antonio to schedule an appointment assessment at (805) 478-0145.